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What is FlashPing?

FlashPing is a low energy BLUETOOTH  non-active notification.

FlashPinger is the device used to flash/emit hundreds of FlashPings per second to Android devices.


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flashping is how to be found!


FlashPinger pings messages directly to nearby Android device users.

No App Required. 

Supports Android, IOS Not Supported. 

Over 80% of the market is made up of Android users.


Nearby Android users receive the FlashPing.

Upon receiving the FlashPing, recipients have the option(s) to call you, click on link(s), share the FlashPing with other ANDROID users, view  videos, sign up for any offer(s) as well as store digital business card.

This is how to be found!


2 year FlashPinger

Flashes for 2 years.

Use in a fixed location. (reusable)

1.5 year FlashPinger

Flashes for 1.5 years. 

Wear as ID Badge and is portable. (reusable)

1 year FlashPinger

Flashes for 1 year.

Use on wrist and is portable. (reusable)

in use!

Install inside/outside of retail business.

FlashPing to thousands of prospects walking in front or nearby business.

New FlashPinger ID Badge.

Imagine walking about and prospecting to potential clients without having to interact.

Wear FlashPinger.

Go about the day and advertise offer(s) in style. 

FlashPing is Google Certified