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WiFi 2.0

What is FlashPing?

FlashPing is a low energy notification that engages nearby SmartPhones with a 

specific action message via Bluetooth.

How FLASHPING attracks NEW customers and makes them return time and  time again.

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FlashPing WiFi

FlashPinger pings messages directly to nearby SmartPhone users.

No App Required. 

Supports Android & IOS. 

  • Tablets
  • Ipads

FlashPing WiFi

Nearby SmartPhone users receive the FlashPing.

Upon receiving the FlashPing, recipients have the option(s) to log into the WiFi service via Social Media. 

Upon accepting WiFi Terms, captured data is used to engage NEW and excising clients via text, email or notification. 

flashping wifi notification

FlashPing is Google compliant